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This blog article addresses common questions about the cost of dental implants in Dallas and elsewhere.

As of year 2020, Dallas County was home to almost three million people (2,734,111) and 1,150 general dentists, giving it a ratio of just over 2,377 people per Dallas dentist, slightly less than the state average.

But that doesn’t mean the Dallas area is short on talent. In fact, the city is home to the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry, the most competitive dental school in Texas and the largest oral health care provider in North Texas. Dr. Juan Diaz, a highly trained dental implants periodontist, is a proud graduate of this University and has a broad understanding of what dental implants Dallas cost estimates involve and how to assess the value of these dental services.

Dental Implants: Dallas Cost vs Average Cost

Regardless of whether you’re considering the dental implants Dallas cost or the cost of the procedure somewhere else, be prepared to spend. According to one recent survey, a full mouth of dental implants costs about $21,500, on average, while the cost for a single implant costs just shy of $5,000 ($4,800), on average.

Note that these average costs don’t account for discounts that patients receive after insurance and other deductions, and they also don’t include the costs of associated procedures.

So, while dentists in Dallas and elsewhere will advertise dental implant costs as low as $1,000 each, know that this estimate is likely only referring to the titanium screw placement, not the inherent added costs of the abutment hardware, restorative crown, dental implant evaluation, and other expenses involved in completing the procedure.

Factors Impacting Dental Implants Cost

Perhaps by scouting out cheap dental implants in Dallas and making the time to attend a handful of disappointing consultations, you’ll realize that for quality dental implants, dentists, especially in the Dallas area (a city already low on dentists as it is), are unlikely to budge much.

Here’s why:

A complete dental implant is composed of three parts:

  •  The titanium screw (which acts as the artificial tooth root)
  • The abutment (which connects the titanium screw to the selected restoration)
  • The restoration (the crown, bridge, or whatever selected restoration the patient chooses)

 For the most part, each of these steps must be done on a separate visit to give the patient’s mouth time to heal. After the initial dental implant procedure, your jaw is intended to fuse to the titanium screw, allowing it to function just like a natural tooth root would. That’s why, after the few weeks of recovery after placement of the titanium screw, the patient will still need several months to fully heal before the abutment is placed.

Each of these components is going to cost money, and your dental services provider will need to order those items for you, meaning those costs are going to be fixed for your dentist.

At the very least, you’ll also require an initial comprehensive exam, including 3D imaging for your dental implants periodontist or oral surgeon to determine the best course of treatment. The 3D imaging, itself, costs several hundred dollars. If you require tooth extractions before the dental implant process begins, that adds on an additional dental procedure.

Also remember that your dental implants periodontist attended an additional three years of schooling to be qualified to place implants (general dentists do not have those qualifications). If you’ve selected an oral surgeon, that’s even more expensive, and makes the most sense for patients facing complicated and difficult dental implant placements.

Given the work and expertise involved, it’s understandable why dental implants, the Dallas cost resembles the national average, even with some providers advertising dramatically lower costs on their websites. If you want dramatically lower costs, you’ll be looking abroad and likely facing travel expenses that rival the cost for dental implants in the US.

Why Pay for Dental Implants Given the High Costs?

The reality is that dental implants are priced not only to reflect the work of dental implants professionals and the value they deliver to patients. They’re also priced according to what they prevent: bone resorption.

Bone resorption occurs once an adult tooth is lost because the body senses that those supportive tissues of your jaw and gums are no longer being used. If no replacement tooth is placed, those tissues will begin to be absorbed back into your body not long after your tooth is lost.

For that reason, dental implants also affect face shape, keeping the lower jaw from receding. Also understand that this restorative dental procedure, when done well, lasts a lifetime and is also time intensive, requiring a months-long treatment plan, at a minimum.

The General Takeaway: Dental Implants, Dallas Cost Estimates, and What to Expect

Unlike purchasing cheap trinkets or groceries, where it doesn’t make much of an impact long-term whether you get a good deal, dental implants are a major, long-term investment. Even if you go with “cheap” dental implants, you could end up paying more, relative to the value delivered—especially if those dental implants fail and require costly dental implant restorations. 

That’s why it’s important to have a clear understanding of how that money is breaking down, which dental implant-associated costs are delivering value, and which costs are not.

At a bare minimum, with the most straightforward, simple case, you’re paying for the following:

  • A comprehensive dental exam
  • Cost for the titanium screw
  • Cost to place the titanium screw
  • Cost for the abutment hardware
  • Cost to place the abutment hardware
  • Cost of the dental restoration
  • Placement of the dental restoration
  • Periodontist vs oral surgeon for implants (oral Surgeons Charge more)

That doesn’t include the added cost for tooth extraction, bone or gum grafting, or other associated procedures, should your case be more complicated.

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford dental implants, understand that this will be a lifetime investment and carries several significant benefits not offered by alternative options, like removable dentures.

Dallas Dentist Dr. Juan Diaz: a Dental Implants Periodontist You Can Trust

At Diaz Dental Studio, our specialty is delivering value to patients, and we are proud to have gained the trust of our community through long-lasting patient relationships.

What sets Dr. Diaz apart as the best family dentist and implant periodontist in Dallas, Tx, is not only his advanced skillset, but also his warm demeanor and genuine dedication to his patients’ wellbeing. He’s practiced dentistry around the world and sees patients of all ages, from under one year to over one hundred years.

And when it comes to dental implants, you won’t find a better provider. Dr. Diaz is straightforward and fair on pricing, and he is also respectful of patients’ cost constraints, working with individuals on a case-by-case basis to find the best treatment approach. To learn more about dental implants with Dr. Diaz, visit our website or give us a call today!


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